DUDEOFNEWYORK Initiative | This is the beg!

Young M.A; not a particular fan of the their music but colloquially speaking, OOOUUUU

The word “initiative” has many implications however the aim, no pun or harm intended is to establish a hallmark for recovery, relief, reinstatement and wellbeing.

Phase 1 — Economic Wellbeing: Front of House

Divisions: Physical, Systematic, Digital

Tyga: an epic mood for my economic wellbeing, not just suits and ties
The Weeknd; an epic mood because I am operating in the capacity as a Pro Se Litigant now, as of 1/5/2022
Nick Cannon; an epic mood because as an adult male, I need to be accounted for from head to toe
Beyoncé, an epic mood for coordinated efforts
Joanne The Scammer; an epic mood for future celebrations! Hate me if you don’t get an RSVP!

Upon first impression, you will see I will be visibly better, which ultimately will mitigate future additional grievances; which is what I can do specifically and reasonably instead of blaming the world unrightfully whereas they are not at fault vs what people are to blame for logistics relative to services and failures identifiable.

Ciara; an epic mood for how essential identity and order are to some like me, very vulnerable.

Divisions: Physical, Systematic, Digital

Any contingent would have a hard time successful using my identity for long if proper points of authorities are provided notice!

Beyoncé; an epic mood as she is jeweled from the neck down in many precious items, a metaphorically artistic significant stylization granted the proposed volume of correspondence.
Lady Gaga, an epic mood considering granted her individuality within various industries
JLo, an epic mood for reinstatement, recovery and relief fortified by official establishment

The focus is being reestablishment of various status and economic wellbeing and correspondence is key, especially in a high-tech globally coordinated economy irrespective of social, cultural and government controversies granted the distinct understanding of the differentiation between lawful and unlawful actions; hence my confidence in public posting and tweeting amid complication and associated implications.

Marlon Brando; an epic mood for when I’m all put back together.

Divisions: Physical, Systematic, Digital

King of the Hill, an Adultswim classic and epic mood to adversity
Daffy Duck, a classic Looney Tunes character
The Scooby Doo Gang, an epic mood for distinctive combined account types!

As an adult it is my intellectually occupational duty to recovery, achieve relief, and reinstatements practically whereas benefits are established.




Establishing Well Being for One American Constituent @dudeofnewyork @dudeofnewyorkin #YearOftheTiger

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Establishing Well Being for One American Constituent @dudeofnewyork @dudeofnewyorkin #YearOftheTiger

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